With innovation in health care in mind, Adelante keeps a close track on the latest developments and changes in rehabilitation care. We work towards the improvement and innovation of the health-care provision and processes on all fronts. In this way we are able to offer the very best quality health-care.

How do we do this?

We have defined innovation in our health-care provision as the process of seeking out, finding and – above all - implementing and evaluating new and valuable products, services and processes. We do this to make ongoing improvements to our health-care provision. In order to achieve this, we develop new products or improve existing ones. Adelante's centre of expertise coordinates, supports and supervises every innovation programme within our rehabilitation care.

The central objective of our innovation in health-care is to enhance and perpetuate the innovative capabilities of Adelante. In this way patients are able to take full advantage of new insights and extensive know-how. The basis for our innovative developments in health-care is formed by the results of existing health-care programmes. To this end, we believe it is vital our health-care services remain transparent with respect to the following:

  • content (what do we do and for whom?)
  • processes (how do we do this?)
  • disciplines (who does what and when?)

This gives us an insight into possible problem areas: what can be done differently, better, more quickly or more efficiently? By adopting this approach to innovation in health-care, we can help bring about a more innovative climate, with insights into current situations leading to concrete innovations. In this way, Adelante – along with its patients and health-care partners – is aiming to improve the quality of rehabilitation care.

Adelante’s care innovation projects